‘Weird’ new weed found in west Australian soil

The discovery of an exotic weed found on western Australian soil has raised questions about its use, and could lead to the legalisation of the drug.

Key points:The weed was found on the west coast of Western AustraliaThe weed is believed to be the result of a failed experimentResearchers are not sure how it got thereThe weed grows on old agricultural land that has been cleared of plants for agricultureThe discovery of the weed was made on a site about 60km north-west of the town of Mount Gambier.

A weed farmer told the ABC it was likely a failed test conducted on a plant in a field near a farmhouse.

“It’s a really weird weed, and we’re really glad we didn’t test it on our own soil,” the farmer said.

“You wouldn’t be able to see it at all, it was quite a small plant and I think that probably would have killed it.”

I’m not sure what kind of plant it is, but we think it’s a new species.

“The weed itself is very unusual and not anything we’ve ever seen before.”

There are a lot of plants growing on it.

“A fieldworker who found the weed described it as being around the size of a walnut tree, with “a very dark green, reddish colour” and a large, round, greenish vein.

The farmer said it had been growing on the soil in the same location for a number of years.”

This is what I’d call an ‘experiment’ in a sense,” he said.

A plant specialist who inspected the plant said it was a hybrid.”

They have to be very careful when they’re planting, because there are a number that will just be going straight up,” he told ABC Radio Melbourne.”

But this is a really unusual plant, because we’ve never seen anything like it before.””

It would be an ideal drug for people who don’t want to use cannabis recreationally.

“The weed, which is believed only to be indigenous to Western Australia, was found in a rural area in March.

The landowner said he was surprised to find the plant on his property, as he had no idea what it was.”

That’s unusual,” he explained.”

We’ve never had any plants here before, we’ve been working with our farmers and we’ve had no trouble with any weeds, so it was interesting to see that there was a weed here.””

We don’t know how it came here or why, but it’s definitely an interesting plant, it’s not something we’ve seen before.

“The discovery is expected to have a big impact on the farming industry in Western Australia.

The Department of Agriculture and Water Resources (DAWR) is now investigating the plant’s origins.