What to know about the new version of the pill for women

In the first major new version, the new Women’s Health and Wellness Pill, the FDA has removed its older label.

The new Women in Health and Health Care is available in a white box with a pink, red and blue box around it.

The pill contains a small, white label and a large, yellow and blue label.

The FDA has also removed the older version of this pill, the Women’s Drug Review.

Instead, the pill contains both a white label with the words “Menstrual Management” and a blue label with “Progestogen.”

The white label also lists a warning about “the potential for cardiovascular events associated with long-term use of Progestogen,” but the blue label says “no additional information” about heart effects.

The new Women In Health and Progestogens are available through Health Canada’s online ordering system.

Health Canada has made the Women In Home Pills available in pill boxes and pill carriers at all locations, with the pill containing a large red box with the word “Home” written on it.

This is the same as the Women in Home Pill box, with a red and white label.