‘Western’ medical approach: ‘We are all here for the same things’

“Western” medical approaches to the treatment of the sick and dying, including “Western Medicine” approaches, have been criticised for their treatment of some patients and for the lack of compassion shown by their doctors and nurses.

The practice of “Western medicine” is largely based on a single set of principles, namely that a person is not responsible for their own health, and that the patient must be given all the necessary care.

The theory is that, as the disease progresses, the body’s immune system becomes more resistant to the disease and as a result, the patient’s chances of survival are reduced.

The practice is also not based on evidence-based treatments that can be tailored to each individual, as is common with most medical interventions.

It has been criticised by many in the medical community for being “dangerous” and for its lack of empathy and compassion.

Western Medicine is not based in fact.

This concept of the patient being responsible for his or her own health is one of the pillars of Western medicine, which also involves the belief that people are not responsible if they do not follow their own advice, and is based on the premise that the person is the only person who can determine whether the treatment is working.

While the concept of “responsible” patients has been promoted by Western medicine for a long time, the reality is that it is actually quite difficult to be responsible for your own health and if you do not get the correct care then your chances of dying will be reduced.

Dr John MacNamara, an honorary doctor of medicine from the University of Sydney and author of the book, “The Western Medical Model: An Introduction to Modern Medicine”, said that Western Medicine was an “ideological” approach, with the patient as the only responsible person, and it is not a science-based approach that can give an accurate diagnosis or treatment.

“Western Medicine doesn’t provide scientific evidence, it does not have any scientific evidence about what is happening in the body, it’s just a theory,” he said.

Dr MacNamaa said that the Western medical approach is based in “the idea that the body is not capable of doing the things it needs to do in order to live and survive”.

“Western medicine is really based on that idea,” he added.

“It’s based on an idealised model of the human body that is not really based in reality.

There are a lot of things that we can do to help people, but the real reason we do Western Medicine is that the patients we care about, we care for as much as we can.”

Dr Mac Namara, a senior lecturer in public health at the University and the author of a book on Western Medicine, said that a number of factors made Western Medicine an “irrational and damaging” approach to healthcare, including that “Western physicians, nurses and doctors don’t know the truth about the body”.

“The real problem with Western Medicine lies in the fact that the very reason Western Medicine exists is because the doctors and the nurses and the medical staff, they don’t understand the science of human health,” he explained.

Western Medicine, he said, is based not in fact, but in “ideology”.

“Western Doctors believe they have all the answers,” Dr MacNuma said.

According to Dr Mac Numa, Western Medicine should be abolished and the concept “restored to the mainstream”.

Dr Mac Nelson, the president of the Australasian College of Physicians and Surgeons, said the idea of the “Western Medical Model” was based on “one thing and one thing only – that a sick person should be given a choice between two treatments.”

The idea is that there is no reason for patients to go through the agony of the hospital ward or the isolation of the nursing home or whatever else,” Dr Nelson said.”

And if they go through those, that is because that is the right thing to do.

“Dr Nelson said that when the “experts” tell us that the best way to cure the disease is to inject drugs into the patient, it is the “most irrational” approach that is used.

He said the “idea” of Western Medicine must be scrapped, and Western Medicine restored to the “mainstream” of medical practice.

Dr Nelson also criticised the Western approach for treating the sick with “no compassion”.”

We don’t have a clue what’s going on with the body of the person who’s been diagnosed with the disease,” he told Channel Nine.

For the vast majority of patients, he added, it was simply a matter of “good luck”.”

That’s the idea that they are in and that they have a choice,” he observed.

It’s an approach that Dr Mac Nelson said was not based “in fact” but “ideologically”.”

I think the reason why Western Medicine has existed for so long is that we have a belief that we know how to treat disease, that