Which western states are the most expensive?

A look at the most-expensive regions in the country shows a clear divide between the major cities and regional areas.

It is a stark contrast to the rest of the country, where Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide are among the most affordable.

Melbourne is the only major city in the south with a lower cost of living compared to other regions, while Brisbane and Sydney have the highest prices in the state.

The most expensive city in Western Australia is the city of Perth, where the average cost of a house is $1.9 million.

Photo: Louise Kennerley More expensive places in Western Australian There are five other major cities in Western WA, which includes towns of Perth and Nelson and the Perth CBD.

These are: The Hobart CBD, where a house for sale in October is expected to fetch up to $1 million.

Perth’s CBD, which has a median home price of $2.2 million, is also the most populated city in WA, with around 13 per cent of households in the region having a mortgage.

The Perth CBD is also home to the world-famous Thebarton Brewery and the world’s largest beer market.

Thebartons beer has won three medals in the Australian Beer Awards.

The price of the city’s housing market is also one of the most unaffordable in Western Victoria.

Perth has a housing affordability index of 99.9, which means the average home price in the CBD is just over $800,000.

The average price of a home in the suburb of Hobart is $2,000,000 and is almost double the regional median of $800 per square metre.

In the city and region of Port Hedland, the average price is $3.2m.

The cost of housing in Port Hedlands has been rising in recent years, as more people move into the area.

Perth is not the only place in Western Britain to have a higher cost of accommodation than other regions.

The prices of accommodation in the West Midlands region are also among the highest, with the average house in the Midlands region priced at $1,831,800.

In South East England, the median home value in the London borough of Kensington and Chelsea is £1.6 million.

In Northern Ireland, the cost of an average house is almost three times higher than in Perth.

Home ownership and the cost, and cost of renting, of owning a property has increased substantially in Western England in recent decades.

This is likely to be a factor in why prices have been increasing in Western regions, as fewer people are owning their homes and renting out the property.

In Western Victoria, more people own their homes than in other regions and more people rent out their homes, while more people are renting out their properties than in some other regions in Western Europe.