‘No more excuses’: Cannabis users, parents speak out in wake of US president’s warning

The Irish public and politicians in the US have reacted with shock and concern after US President Donald Trump issued a warning to those seeking to use cannabis recreationally that the drug is now “on the rise” in the country.

Key points:The president said he is concerned about the growing popularity of the drug in the United States, but it could be more dangerous in the long termIf cannabis use is allowed, the US could see “pot babies” with severe mental health problemsThe president’s comments come after a spate of fatal incidents involving people who used cannabis recreatively in the past two yearsThe president also said that the Drug Enforcement Administration has “got to do something” about cannabis use, which is now on the rise in the nation.

“They should do something about this drug,” he said.

“You know what, they’ve got to do it because they’ve been destroying our youth and they’re destroying our jobs, they’re ruining our schools, they are destroying our economy, theyre destroying our lives.”

We have to get serious about this.

“Mr Trump’s comments follow a string of fatal shootings in the city of Denver involving people using cannabis recreently.

He added that he was “very concerned” about the rising popularity of cannabis in the U.S.

A study published by the National Institute on Drug Abuse found that about one in five people who use cannabis regularly are suffering from a mental health condition, with one in six people having a serious mental illness.

Mr Trump also suggested that the US had “pot baby” situations in which young people are born with mental health issues.

The White House said the president did not want to discuss details of the White House’s investigation, but that it was an “ongoing, independent, and comprehensive review of our nation’s drug enforcement strategy and enforcement efforts, including the impact of cannabis on our communities, and the impact that it has on public health.”

The US has the world’s largest cannabis crop at some 160,000 metric tonnes (more than 10.5 million pounds) and the cannabis industry is estimated to generate more than $US1.5 billion ($1.75 billion) in annual revenue.

The president was asked by reporters whether cannabis should be legalised, but said it should not be “a gateway to other drugs” because the drug was “not like cocaine, it’s a lot safer than that”.”

I think that it’s important that the public understands what is happening with the drug, because the number of people who are using this is increasing exponentially,” he told reporters.”

I’m very concerned about it because it is a gateway to a whole lot of other drugs.”‘

You know, I can’t even look at my kids’: Parents in Ireland to protest against Trump’s cannabis warningThe Whitehouse has previously said it was considering legalisation of the substance but would “wait and see” if it was a priority.

Earlier this month, US Secretary of State John Kerry warned that marijuana use was becoming “a bigger problem” in America, but the US has “zero tolerance” towards cannabis use.”

There’s no question that the tide is turning in our country, and we need to be careful in what we’re doing because we know that the use of cannabis is on the upswing,” he was quoted as saying by the New York Times.”

The number of fatalities has been increasing over the past few years and we’re seeing it in communities across the country, where young people have been born with serious mental health conditions.””

It is not like cocaine.

It’s a much safer drug than that.